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“less than 10% of strategies effectively formulated are effectively executed.”

—Fortune Magazine, Aug 2014

InQuest Research & Consulting provides strategic consulting services that drive strategic organizational transformation, employee productivity and business growth. We partner with organizations to unlock their growth potential through strategy formulation, Strategy Execution, performance management and other related HR value models.

Our consulting methodology helps an organization to translate her strategic plan into relational corporate strategy maps, strategic themes, corporate scorecard and strategic initiatives which informs her portfolio undertakings.

This then is cascaded into departmental contributions and then to individual employee contributions through personal scorecards. We also provide HR Technology platform (BSC Online) continuously monitors performance and help link performance outcomes to the total reward.

5 step successful organizational strategy execution



Translate the strategy to operational terms



Align the organization to create synergy


Everyone’s job

Make strategy everyone’s job



Make strategy a continual process



Mobilize change through executive leadership

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