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InQuest Research & Consulting provides strategic HR and full breadth management consulting services that drive organizational transformation, employee productivity and business growth. You can now partnered your organization to unlock your growth potential through effective and relevant Human Capital Strategies and HR value models.

Introducing JE~Fusion

The innovative Factor-Based Job Evaluation Tool

JE~Fusion is a signature Point Factor based Job Evaluation tool that have been developed to provide a systematic and objectively determined value of a job within an organization based on prior defined job evaluation factors.

The tool uses a three (3) broad job driven factors namely Knowledge, Environment, and Discretion (KED). Each driven factor is broken down into a list of driving sub-factors which are in turn defined in a five (5) grid framework. Jobs that have been subjected to a detailed Job Analysis are then individually valued using this grid in order to derive their value rating. A client can choose a minimum of 3 driving sub-factors per broad category.

Together with this service, your SPOCs get trained on how to use an evaluation tool and data templates to be used in Job Analysis and Evaluation exercise. This is accompanied by an open evaluation workshop to get insights and rational judgement.

Our spectrum of HR Consulting service scope encompasses…


Organization Work Structure Review


Business Process Reengineering


Job Evaluation and Classification


Productivity Skills & Competency Framework


Organization wide KPIs & Personal Score Cards (PM)


Jobs Grading


Salary Review


Workload Analysis, Manning and Resource Planning


Skills and Competency Audit

Change Management Services

HR Strategy Formulation

Leadership Development

HR technology

HR Due Diligence for Acquisitions/Merger

Talent Acquisition

Outsourced HR Services

Research Surveys & HR Audit

Human Resource Manuals

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