Mayfair Insurance

BSC Anchored Strategy Execution | Performance Management System

May – July 2017

Mayfair is an Insurance Company with operations in Kenya, Zambia and Rwanda.

Mayfair contracted InQuest to implement BSC Anchored Strategy Execution and Performance management across her business units and train both executive teams and employees on practical BSC application.

Services Provided by the consultants

  • Translated Mayfair Strategic Plan and designed strategy maps
  • Developed the company scorecard using BSC
  • Cascaded corporate BSC to all departments and developed departmental BSCs
  • Trained the Executive team, managers and all employees on BSC as a strategy Execution tool and also as a performance management tool.
  • Developed the Strategy monitoring and evaluation framework and the performance management policy.

Status: Project ended in August 2017 and teams / handholding coaching ongoing.

Successful implementation

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