Day #5: Data Visualization and Reporting Dashboards.

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Industry Expert Topic

  • Data Story Telling
  • Data Visualization

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Day #5: Data Visualization and Reporting Dashboards.

Communicating your data insights especially to non-core users requires a new skill set. A visual context can help you expose key patterns and trends that might go un noticed in tabular or text data. Data visualization therefore primes the success of adoption of your data derived recommendation and this is a core component of data storytelling. Converting your reports to dashboards is the initial step towards this masterly and Ms. Excel has robust data visualization tools which can help you become an expert storyteller. This module will also expose you to the recent Microsoft Power BI which is a premium visualization tool.


  • Learn how to convert your reports into interactive dashboards using the right visual contexts.
  • Learn how to define and derive your KPIs from raw data and create the right visual context to them.
  • Master the Art of Data Story Telling.

Target Groups

  • Business leaders in charge of business reporting
  • Managers, supervisors and other professionals in charge of departmental reporting
  • Business Intelligence and data analytics teams
  • Any professional would benefit from this module.

Topical Outline

  • Introduction to Data Visualization
  • Data Story telling(choose the right chart)
  • Overview of interactive KPI driven dashboards
  • Your First dashboard
  • Pivot charts, sparklines
  • Dashboard interactivity using slicers & timelines.
  • Further dashboard techniques
  • Using advanced charts & illustrations
  • Dashboard interactivity using form control buttons.
  • ¬†Reporting Dashboards using power BI (Power BI desktop & Power BI cloud service)
  • ¬†Publishing Dashboards to the web
  • Best Practices in Reporting Dashboards design and deployment

Key Remarks

  • Pre-work will be emailed prior to the Bootcamp for practice

Further Details

This program is part of of our ICT Productivity Competency Programs (Read More).

For more details, kindly contact Anne ( or Office Cell +254 726 611805

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