Day #3: Predictive Data Analysis Masterly.

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Industry Expert Topic

  • Data Science
  • Machine learning
  • Predictive Analytics

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Day #3: Predictive Data Analysis Masterly.

The ultimate goal for any data is to deduce actionable insights that can influence quality decision making and also provides a basis for a predictable future. This is why many organizations are now turning into predictive analytics which is catalysed by machine learning. This Ms. Excel data analytics module exposes you to various data analysis methods you can choose to transform your data into predictive models.


  • ¬†Learn how to transform data into actionable insights and design your own predictive models.
  • Build prowess in Excel data analysis toolkit and advanced features

Target Groups

  • Professionals who are in charge of analysing data for reporting
  • Professionals undertaking Research projects (e.g MBA)
  • Professionals in M&E (NGOs)
  • All analysts
  • Any professionals who wish to get into analytics

Topical Outline

  • Data analysis methods and current trends
  • Scenario Modelling & what if Analysis
  • Forecast sheet
  • Data tables
  • Functional Analysis (Inc. DAX Functions for calculated measures)
  • Machine Learning & Predictive Analytics in excel
  • Using Excel Statistical Analysis Toolpak
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Solution modelling using the solver

Key Remarks

  • This module will expound and get to deep dive excursion on some skills introduced in Day 1.
  • Pre-work will be emailed prior to the Bootcamp for practice.

Further Details

This program is part of of our ICT Productivity Competency Programs (Read More).

For more details, kindly contact Anne ( or Office Cell +254 726 611805

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