Why Monitor Changes?

Monitoring changes made in a shared Excel workbook helps you to effectively track actions taking place in a business unit. The regular monitoring of business activities per unit facilitates the assessment of the overall business performance. It also assists in identifying units within your business that are actively participating in service delivery. With this immediate feedback, you are able to make informed decision on real time thus enhancing quick adaptability to the ever dynamic business world.

Case considered

Assume you are a sales manager and you want to track the amount of sales made by sales representatives in a geographical location. Consider also a case where the sales representatives are required to regularly update the quantity of sales in a shared Ms.Excel workbook.

MS Excel Track Changes Command

MS Excel Track Changes command provides the capability of highlighting cells that change as a result of an action.  It also helps the person (Sales representative) who effected changes and the time when changes were made

  1. Create a sale table in excel. Assuming the file is shared to all the sales representatives.
  2. In the review tab, under the changes group, select the Track changes drop down and select Highlight changes.A              dialogue box will pop up prompting you to make a few selections.
  3. Select the check box against the “track changes while editing” label.
  4. under the when option, select the time you want to track changes. It can be a date, the last time you saved the file,etc.
  5. Under the who option, enter the usernames of your sales representatives.
  6. Under the Where prompt, enter the cells you want to track changes.In this case,we select cell C2 corresponding to sales representative Mark.

Viewing Changed Data

If sales representative Mark makes changes in the sales made, the sales manager will be in a position to know the time sales were made.

Note cell C2 is highlighted in blue border, If you hover the mouse icon on the cell, you will find  the information concerning the changing cell.

It is now clear that from the above procedure that you can track the sales quantities made by different sales representative in the field. With such a tracking system, one is able to reduce the travelling time from the field to the office hence increasing workplace productivity. The time saved for travelling can be used for other activities related to your business. For more learning on how you can monitor changing data in your workplace, please plan to attend our upcoming Advanced MS Excel training open class.

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