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Advanced Ms. Excel For Saccos Professionals.

Digitization spurs innovation which in turn powers productivity in any SACCO. With the latest digital technology disruptions in the Financial sector, SACCOs are transforming from their decade business models. These calls for all Professionals in the Sacco Sectors to equip themselves with the data analytical skills that will help them embrace digital transformation to keep up with evolving trends. as they ensure productivity, guarantee efficient, convenient, and secure service delivery for their members.

Advanced Ms.Excel remains one of the most demanded skills that ensures productivity and guarantees efficient, convenient, and secure service delivery to Sacco members. This advanced course will leverage your existing knowledge base and provide you with the required skills to build financial models, including simulating multiple scenarios efficiently. The class will allow you to focus on learning advanced excel formulae and functions and learn new excel tips and tricks to use in their daily routines

Our expert trainer will work with all the participants on huge data sets and use practical examples to help them gain expertise in all the advanced formulae and functions, complex charting techniques with enhanced functionalities, mastering pivots, and learning MACROS.

Hands-on exercises will be given by working on complex workbooks helping participants summarize and organize data for meaningful reporting and help derive insights.

Learning Objectives

Participants of this class will learn complex calculations through nested functions, dynamic formulas, enhanced pivot tables, and their features, modify and create complex charts, use dynamic filtering conditions and create meaningful and insightful information using Excel.

In addition, participants will understand VBA and get knowledge of Recording macros and creating their macros, and using them to perform their daily tasks efficiently.

This class will also help the participants to learn new excel shortcuts that will help them increase their productivity in their day-to-day work.

Target Groups

All professionals in Saccos Sectors (such as Accountants, Controllers, Finance managers, Auditors, and all accounting professionals).

What are the learning outcomes?
· Save 40% of your daily work engagement.
· Transform your workplace through data-driven insights and decision-making.
· Build analytical skills and good data modeling, communication, and presentation
· Improve efficiency by learning shortcuts and time-saving features and tools applied in day-to-day office applications and processes.

We wish you a transforming Learning Experience!!!! As you become a data-driven professional!!!

Your Transformation & Growth Partner

InQuest Research & Consulting.

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