The JET Leader Program

Need for Speed, Innovation and Resilience
Category: Leadership Effectiveness and Corporate Governance

Target Group

ROI Derivatives

Training Brief 

Training Objectives

Topical Outline

Target Group

Modules exists for Direct Contributors (Leading Self), Supervisors & managers (Leading Others) and Executives (Leading Strategy and Change))

Key ROI Derivatives

% of leadership & Key Roles Succession levels, Effective Leadership Value Proposition, Clear Career Plans, Employee Satisfaction and Morale Index (Based on personal development)

Training Brief

Organizations with a deliberate leadership development program attract and retain high performing talent and leverage employee productivity. This highly effective and unique leadership program is segmented into three modules each targeting employees at their respective journey in the leadership lifecycle and use core competencies at each stage clustered into three (3) broad areas:

Leading SelfThe JET Professional

Leading TeamsThe JET Supervisor/Manager

Leading Strategy & ChangeThe JET Leader

Training Objectives

Participants will gain the capability to:

Lead SelfDiscover, Develop and Deploy personal leadership skills necessary to launch into a successful professional career path and model credibility to initiate a journey to lead others.

Lead TeamsProvide and equip line business supervisors with complete and comprehensive concepts and techniques to effectively drive performance through teams and prepare them for Strategy and Change Leadership.

Lead Strategy & ChangeProvide and equip line business executives with skills to manage and execute business transformation, strategy and retain a high performing team.

Summarised Topical Outline

JET Leader

Core goal  – Leading Strategy & Change

  1. a) Strategy Leadership
  2. b) Managing Change & Ambiguity
  3. c) Strategic Reporting – Executive Dashboards
  4. d) Managing Global talent and global enterprise


JET Supervisor/Manager

Core goal  – Leading Teams

  1. a) Managing Teams and Talent
  2. b) Breakthrough transitioning from Technical professional to Management.
  3. c) Design thinking for creativity & innovation for business development

JET Professional

Core goal  – Leading Self

  1. a) Career Development and Planning
  2. b) Study – work culture induction competencies – Work readiness.
  3. c) Personal Branding – Adopting the Behaviour Attitude & Motivation (BAM)

for professional & leadership success.


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