Personal Effectiveness Skills


Target Group

ROI Derivatives

Training Brief 

Training Objectives

Topical Outline

Target Group

All professionals

Key ROI Derivatives

Employee productivity rate, Career Growth Value Proposition

Training Brief

Personal effectiveness directly impacts growth, profitability and the organization’s capacity to build a culture of innovation, flexibility and speed. Harnessing and leveraging human potential has become a strategic outcome as organizations focus on procedures and systems -which depend on human effectiveness for execution.

Technical competences are no longer sufficient to deliver on corporate outcomes. Mental, Spiritual and emotion quotients have to be engaged simultaneously to optimize capacity utilization. Personal effectiveness skills focus on realigning staff thinking and creating possibilities to respond to business challenges. This in turn impact on the execution of business strategy by over 80%.

Training Objectives

Participants will gain capability to:

  • Discover their key natural dispositions in their lines of strength
  • Leverage on personal improvements and in turn productivity
  • Get stirred up to explore the “Magical” self-image for success
  • Connect personal life success to organization success.

Summarised Topical Outline

Personal Branding

  • Self Image
  • Professional Image
  • Business Etiquettes
  • Non verbal emissions
  • Networking skills
  • Good grooming
  • Fine Dining

Time Management

  • Goal setting (Includes career development)
  • Priority and actioning improvements – Lid of procrastination

Personal Discovery

  • Discovering personal strengths
  • Discovery passion and purpose
  • Personal evaluation and inventory assessment

Handling relationships

  • Power in relationships (Including Mentors, Coaches)
  • Leveraging relationships for personal growth

Personal finance Success Skills

  • Personal financial management skills
  • Value creation for effectiveness

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