Effective Business Writing Skills

Category: Personal Effectiveness Programs

Target Group

ROI Derivatives

Training Brief 

Training Objectives

Topical Outline

Target Group

All professionals

Key ROI Derivatives

Effective communication

Training Brief

This module targets every professional who interacts with organizational information and is meant to organize and present the same in a professional way to a target audience.

The module equips delegates with professional writing skills and builds their capacity to communicate business information in a clear, accurate, logical and easily understandable way to the target audience.

Training Objectives

Participants will build the capability to:

  1. Organize and structure the information thought piece
  2. Master audience targeting and context
  3. Present information in a professional way
  4. Adopt the use of applicable business standards – Language, Tone and Styles.

Summarised Topical Outline

  • Audience Analysis
  • Content Gathering
  • Content Structure
  • Initial Drafting
  • Writing Standards and Styles used in Business
  • Professional Business Language
  • Indexing, objects (Tables, Images etc.) and Layout
  • Writing effective Business Documents (Reports, Letters, Emails)

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