Customer Relationship Management

Category: Productivity Operational Efficiency and Service Excellence

Target Group

ROI Derivatives

Training Brief 

Training Objectives

Topical Outline

Target Group

Marketing & Sales Team Leaders and Managers

Key ROI Derivatives

Customer Loyalty, Client Segmentation value proposition for target-based product development. · Increased product uptake and cross-selling – Topline · Increased advertising through referral business · Reduced costs

Training Brief

Loyal customers provide profitable contributions to your company. If you can achieve a high level of customer loyalty, then chances are a company will be profitable.

Earning customer loyalty involves exceeding their expectations rather than merely satisfying their needs. To achieve customer loyalty, you need to have a long-term commitment to your customers, provide consistently good service, and build relationships with your customers over time. Essentially, the service you provide must make customers want to come back to your company.

Training Objectives

Participants will gain the capability to:

  • Understand a model CRM strategy
  • Be able to prepare for a CRM implementation in their business

Grasp CRM trending automation and leverage on technology

Summarised Topical Outline

Customer loyalty

Customer loyalty

Market intelligence enterprise

CRM basics

Customer information

A CRM program

Preparations for CRM

CRM and expenditures

Implementation planning

CRM implementation

CRM implementation preparation

The implementation process


eCRM fundamentals

eCRM and automation

eCRM customization and goals

eCRM customization

eCRM goals


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