Corporate Governance

Category: Leadership Effectiveness and Corporate Governance

Target Group

ROI Derivatives

Training Brief 

Training Objectives

Topical Outline

Target Group

Board members and senior executives

Key ROI Derivatives

Organization and Leadership Effectiveness Index

Training Brief

CORPORATE GOVERNANCE is a system by which companies are directed and controlled while protecting the long term interest and enhancing the values of shareholders and other stakeholders.

Training Objectives

Participants will gain the capability to:

  • Lead Business Transformation From the Top-Bottom Approach
  • Develop Corporate Governance Improvement Plans
  • Evaluate Strategy
  • Align both shareholder and various stakeholders interests

Summarised Topical Outline

  • Overview of Corporate Governance for Bank Directors
  • The Importance of Good Corporate Governance for Banks
  • Corporate Governance Structure
  • Models of Effective Corporate Governance
  • The Business Case for Corporate Governance
  • The role of bad corporate governance – Case of Asian crisis
  • The role of Good corporate governance – Situation in Hong Kong
  • Business Ethics
  • Building an Ethical Culture
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Basel Committee Guidance on Corporate Governance for Banks
  • Duties and Responsibilities of Player in Corporate Governance in Banks
  • Board of Directors
  • Executive Director
  • Non-executive Director
  • Independent Director
  • Board Committees
  • Internal Auditors
  • External Auditors
  • Executive Management Team
  • Bank Employees and other officials
  • Regulators
  • Board Compositions
  • Diversity of skills and expertise for the future
  • Board of Directors Committee
  • Board Role, Directors Duties and Liabilities
  • Effective Board Meetings
  • Frequency of Meetings
  • Meeting Agendas
  • Governance Principles for Bank Boards & Senior Management
  • Corporate Governance Disclosure and Transparency
  • Board Remunerations
  • Board Evaluations
  • Financial Oversights
  • Financial Reporting
  • Integrated Reporting
  • Frequency of Meeting
  • The Governance of Strategy
  • Evaluating Strategy Performance
  • Strategic approach to addressing governance issues
  • The Governance of Risk-
  • Role of the Board in Oversight of Various Bank Risks
  • The Risk and Economics of Banking in South Sudan and EAC
  • Systemic problems of corporate governance
  • External corporate governance controls
  • Internal corporate governance controls
  • Corporate Governance Assessment Tools
  • Governance in Change Management
  • Emerging Issues in Corporate Governances

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