Advanced MS Excel & Power BI

Featuring Data Modelling, Predictive Analytics & Reporting Dashboards

Target Group

ROI Derivatives

Training Brief 

Training Objectives

Topical Outline

Target Group

For HR professionals

Key ROI Derivatives

Employee productivity mainly on Time Premium (Savings) – 40% TAT premium based on our previous training records.

Training Brief

Keeping performance tab on an organizational scorecard and strategic initiatives require a scalable and reliable data model that can enhance measurement and real-time visualization of results. Focus on Predictive Analytics in the recent past has been on an upward surge and many leading organizations are now heavily investing in Business Intelligence and Executive Reporting Dashboards, a shift from traditional Data Warehousing. Many ERP solutions such as Oracle, SAP are now heavily investing in data visualization (Dashboards) applications.

Microsoft Excel is one of the most powerful office tools used in data manipulation, data analysis and publishing interactive performance dashboards.

Training Objectives

Participants will gain the capability to:

  • Optimize the daily use of MS Excel Advanced Features
  • Build analytical skills using MS Excel Skills

Transform data into actionable business insights

Summarised Topical Outline

MS Excel (Poweruser Module)

This course is customized for moderately advanced excel users who seek to optimize Excel capabilities in complex data consolidations, predictive analytics from large data sets, manipulate unstructured data sets to provide useful business insights for decision making and package highly interactive and visually attractive reporting dashboards.

Management and executives teams who prepare high-level analytical management reports such as organization KPIs and Scorecards would benefit from this module.

Ms. Excel (Excel Automations)

This module is for very advanced users who wish to exploit the full agility of Excel Capability through building custom user forms interfaces, Macros and VBA automation.  This module is extremely relevant to Advanced Users with strong command in worksheet functions but who wish to build in custom functionalities to automate repetitive tasks, analysis and reporting.

Users who wish to innovate and develop practical business tools collaborate data from external sources such as ERPs, Web etc. will find this course very value-adding.

We also offer Specializations for functional areas such as HR Analytics, Financial Modelling, Sales Intelligence etc.

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