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Our vision is to be the leading and reliable capacity building partner in Research, Training and Management Consulting services in the African region. As part of our talent and business growth strategies, we are looking to enlist talented, ambitious, creative, and highly entrepreneurial professionals to fill diverse positions.

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Vacancy: Graduate Management Trainee Program 2019/2020

We are a transformation and growth partner offering various capacity building services in Strategy, Research, Training and Management Consulting services in the African region.

As part of our talent and business growth strategy, we are looking for ambitious, creative, entrepreneurial and opportunity driven Graduates to join our dynamic team for a period of Four(4) months. Successful Candidates will undergo an in-depth coaching in selected practical areas.:

  1. Business Development
  2. Research, Data Science and Analytics
  3. Systems Development (Cloud Based SAAS and Mobile Apps) 
  4. Human Resources

What you will do:

Works closely with the management to implement various company Projects
Other tasks and projects in aid of company strategy execution

What you need to succeed:

  1. Decisive Thinker & Effective Communicator
  2. Highly Entrepreneurial and Value Driven
  3. Innovative and Transformational
  4. Organized and Well-Rehearsed
  5. Polished and Professional
  6. Proactive & Self Led
  7. Pursue Excellence and Quality
  8. Team player and Solution Oriented
  9. Trusted and High Integrity

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Must have graduated from the university in the last two(2) years
  • A relevant University Degree

How to apply:

To apply, please click the link on the Apply for this Position button to input your CV profile.

Apply for this Position

InQuest Research & Consulting Limited is an equal opportunity employer. If you have difficulty using this online system and need accommodation you can contact us.

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