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Featuring Data Modelling, Predictive Analytics, Reporting Dashboards and Automation – our advanced Excel course designed to equip ALL professionals with Analytical Data Modelling capability to generate insight for Decision Making and Business Intelligence.

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Why MS Excel while ERP and Databases exists?

Microsoft Excel is the world’s most used spreadsheet in all Microsoft BUSINESS applications.

Only 5% of business professionals fully optimize MS Excel usage


Lack of MS Excel professional competency rates

MS Excel Competency Test

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The MS Excel Competency

Reasons why it’s a challenge to many professionals today

Low Analytical Skills

Inability to embrace key Analytical tools accustomed for their business context. Most trainings have been focusing on Metrics but with little focus on the tools and skills required to successfully implement them.

Low orientation to Data Science

Low orientation to analytics since many professional teams are yet to embrace the “The Big Data” revolution and data science.

Poor Data Modelling

Poor Data modelling that limits information synthesis even in organizations with modern data warehousing systems

An outline of what’s offered at every level

Advanced Excel Module 1

MS Excel Foundation Competency

Target Group

Designed for those who are relatively new to Excel and who capture, store and manage operational enterprise data and perform regular analysis on information such as customer data, sales & production data, employee data etc.

Module Objectives

Participants will gain capability to:

  1. Apply appropriate cell referencing style
  2. Use the MOS basic functions for basic reporting
  3. Choose and use appropriate charts for visualized reporting
  4. Learn key excel shortcuts that reduce time spent
  5. Prepare and organize data for printing
Topical Outline
  • Introduction to Excel
  • Entering and editing data
  • Modifying and formatting worksheets
  • Using basic functions
  • Excel Shortcuts & handy speed tips
  • Referencing (absolute, relative, and Mixed References)
  • Printing
  • Creating basic charts

Prerequisite: General Orientation to Office Applications

Advanced Excel Module 2

MS Excel Intermediate Competency

Target Group

This course is customized for moderately advanced excel users who seek to optimize Excel capabilities in complex data consolidations, predictive analytics from large data sets, manipulate unstructured data sets to provide useful business insights for decision making and package highly interactive and visually attractive reporting dashboards.
Management and executives teams who prepare high level analytical management reports such as organization KPIs and Scorecards would benefit from this module.

Module Objectives

Participants will build capability to:

  1. Use advanced formulas for data modelling, analysis functions
  2. Prepare dynamic and real time interactive reporting templates
  3. Develop visually appealing outputs and data model interfaces for non-technical data consumers.
  4. Debug and audit complex formulas
  5. Use advanced summary and lookup up functions for data linkages and scenario generation
  • Using named ranges (dynamic & static)
  • Decision making functions e.g. if, and, or
  • Conditional aggregation functions
  • Basic Pivot tables
  • Pivot charts
  • Custom Data validation
  • Advanced lookup functions e.g. Match and Index
  • Financial functions
  • Other financial functions

Prerequisite: Excel Intermediate Competency

Advanced Excel Module 3

MS Excel Advanced Competency

Target Group

The module is designed to enable advanced data analysis & automations. It is very useful for advanced excel users who have leveraged on the rich standard excel functionalities and seek to automate repetitive data manipulation, analysis and reporting by adding capabilities to excel. Also, individuals who carry out advanced analysis for data seated in or any other ERP will benefit a lot from this module.

Module Objectives

Equipping experts with the skills required to

  1. Develop automated executive information systems that are easy to use
  2. Minimize repetitive tasks
  3. Carry out complex data analysis
  4. Connect and analyze data from other systems
  • Using defined Names – Dynamic naming using offset function
  • Working with advanced formulas and arrays
  • Advanced Charts (sparklines, battery, combination, speedometer, Vortex, Waterfall, Thermometer, etc)
  • What if Analysis
  • Solver and Analysis Toolpak
  • Power pivot (DAX functions)
  • Advanced Pivot tables
  • Advanced Charting
  • Publishing to the web
  • Drawing data from the internet/other systems
  • Database functions
  • Dashboard tips
  • Macros
  • Creating function procedures

Advanced Excel Module 4

MS Excel Automations

Target Group

This module is for very advanced users who wish to exploit the full agility of Excel Capability through building custom user forms interfaces, Macros and VBA automations.

This module is extremely relevant to Advanced Users with strong command in worksheet functions but who wish to build in custom functionalities to automate repetitive tasks, analysis and reporting.

Users who wish to innovate and develop practical business tools, collaborate data from external sources such as ERPs, Web etc. will find this course very value adding.

Module Objectives

Equipping experts with the skills required to

  1. Develop automated executive information systems that are easy to use
  2. Minimize repetitive tasks
  3. Carry out complex data analysis
  4. Connect and analyze data from other systems
  • Exporting and importing data in the external media and systems
  • Database functions
  • Using SharePoint services (Intro)
  • Working with macros
  • Interactive Web pages
  • Macros Security
  • Recording Macros
  • Modifying Macros
  • Using the VBA editor
  • Programming techniques
  • Procedures
  • Using variables
  • User defined functions
  • Using Microsoft Excel objects
  • Active form controls
  • Creating custom forms
  • Programming user forms

Power Pivot and Data Modelling

Unleashing the power of Microsoft Excel

Advanced MS Excel course - leading trainer in advanced Excel in Kenya

Manipulating Data that exceeds 1 million rows


Linking data to Systems & getting real time reports


Getting real time data from the internet


Combining data from different sources to provide a single report on a real time basis


Create a relational database using Excel


A complete new interphase for data model




Transforming data that require complex steps, now simplified than never before

Thematic Areas

Enterprise Data Modelling

How they can use Ms. Excel to model an Enterprise-wide data sets that will influence strategic decision making (Without even having to implement expensive ERP systems.

Business Analytics (BI)

How they can use Ms. Excel to for Business data analysis and publish predictive analytics

Research Modelling

How to conduct sampling techniques, design research models and make statistical inferences using Excel analysis tool pack

Performance Dashboards

How to publish interactive reporting dashboards with key Organization KPI (Scorecards)

Entreprise ROI derivatives


Time Premium

Based on reduced turnaround time in data processes, reporting and thus improved employee productivity – Average Reduction in TAT by 40% based on our training record.


Quality of Reports

Insightful and improved quality of reports (Strategic Insights) that informs strategy and decision making – “Telling the story”.


Performance Tracking

Highly visualized and interactive real-time performance tracking


Enhanced benchmarking

Enhanced bench-marking capability since standards can be measured and published in other BI Systems

Individual Benefits

Advanced Excel Course in Kenya - offering financial modeling

Enhanced career visibility and relevance in the board room and departmental forums


Career growth because of the enhanced analytical skills capability


You become a Data Darling

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