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InQuest Technologies, Business Innovation & Project Management

Leverage technology-enabled business solutions for guaranteed transformation of operational efficiency.

Strategy, Organization Development & Management Consulting

Unlock your growth potential through strategy formulation, Execution, performance management & related HR value models.

Leadership Development and Organizational Learning

Competency-based training programs that impart skills for executing business strategy with speed, resilience & innovation.

Advanced Excel Training Course

Advanced Excel featuring Data Modelling, Predictive Analytics, Reporting Dashboards and Automation for all professionals.

Marketing Agency and Brand Consulting Services

Grow your business market niche areas and create a differentiated image and perception in the target market clientele.

Strategic HR Consulting and Outsourcing

HR management consulting services that drive organizational transformation, employee productivity & business growth.

Research and Data Management Services

Innovative research models that leverage business insights for strategic decision making & organizational market leadership.

Personal Development & Life Coaching

Helping every professional to discover, develop, and deliver their purpose for an accelerated career, and leadership growth.

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Looking back in the past few years it’s become more of a heaven sent dream for professionals working with big data and for those who work in the analytics departments.

Was DATA to blame in the recent Boeing 737 MAX crash?

Was DATA to blame in the Boeing 737 MAX crash? Five(5) Tips i have learnt from the crash I first condole with families and friends of those who lost their

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Eight(8) wasteful data tasks your team might be doing that ruins their career/professional growth. Nothing sucks in career space than a daily routine that has no value at the end.

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Russia 2018 World Cup Moments The Russia 2018 world cup is one of the memorable football tournament that one cannot afford to forget. It has been characterized with interesting events.

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Nested Functions in MS Excel A nested function in MS Excel is series of function(s) that are defined within each other. In most cases, they are applied when one wants

Monitoring Data Using MS Excel Track Changes Command

Why Monitor Changes? Monitoring changes made in a shared Excel workbook helps you to effectively track actions taking place in a business unit. The regular monitoring of business activities per

Advanced Ms. Excel Transpose Function for Creating Dynamic Cell Values

Ms. Excel Transpose Function One of the ways of converting rows to columns or columns to rows in MS Excel is the use of the transpose function. It helps a

Ms.Excel RANDBETWEEN Function for Generating Random Dimensions

Random numbers Random numbers are values that have an equal chance of being selected from an interval of two numbers. They are very important because they help mimic real life

Limiting Number of Words Entered in an Excel Cell – Data Valiation

Did you know excel can limit the number of words you enter in a cell? Have thought of how you can limit the number of words in an excel cell?

Ms. Excel VLOOKUP Function for Converting Number Values to categories/Ranges

Ms. Excel VLOOKUP Function for Converting Number Values into categories Converting Number Columns into Categories/ranges Have you ever found yourself in need of converting number columns into categories/ranges? Number columns

Ms. Excel Text to Column Function for Keeping Uniform Data Records

How to keep Uniform Data in Ms.Excel Using Text to column function Keeping uniform data not only makes your work tidy but also relieves you from the hustle of analyzing

Did you know you can delete Ms. Excel cell contents using a computer mouse?

Computer Mouse Vs Keyboard in Ms. Excel If you want to excel in Ms. Excel, adopt a method that is fast and does not distort your cell references. One therefore,

Did you know there is a faster & accurate way of updating records in Ms. Excel?

Accurate Record Updating The process of accurately updating records in an ever-dynamic environment is a real game-changer in achieving  work efficiency. However, the manner in which you carry out this

Why each professional has a role to play in Data Science?

Each Professional has a role to play in Data Science In a normal job setup, employees are required to regularly report on their daily engagements in an attempt to assess

End Year Reporting Dashboards & Visual Data Intelligence

How do you plan to present your end year business performance KPIs? Had you set Business KPIs or performance Targets for the year 2016? Have you been tracking, recording and

Unlocking the HR Dollar($) Language through Human Capital Modelling & Productivity Analytics

It’s time for HR Business Unusual? Human Capital is a very strategic function in any business and is the most valuable Business Asset. In my previous blog posts, featured under

Stop the “Gut-Feel” Management Style & Manage through Data insights

From a “Gut Feel” to “Data Driven” decision making model Organizations produce terabytes of data daily which can be used to leverage and influence strategic decisions, track performance and position

Why all HR Professionals need to learn Advanced Excel Skills

HR professionals are currently transforming their businesses using predictive HR data for business insights in areas such as performance management, talent management, diversity, reward, learning and culture, Training R.O.I among

Our happy clients

The Advanced Excel features I learnt from Gabriel in year 2012 formed a foundation for my ability to analyze, manipulate and simulate HR data that informs the business.

Jeremiah Walukhano HR Manager, Retail Sales, Co-operative Bank (K) Ltd November 8, 2017

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